About us

We are an online fashion, accessories and commodity shop based in Connecticut, USA with a delivery network nationwide. 1Deebrand offers brand designers apparel, Fragrances and beauty products of the highest quality at bargain prices. We focus on sourcing the best deals for our customers while ensuring that they get value for what they buy.

Our Goal at 1Deebrand is to provide the highest quality and fashionable goods at the lowest possible cost. We are also very reliable and offer customers support services with respect to product enquiries, shipping and delivery.

Our prices are competitive, that is what makes us remarkable.  Hoping you will enjoy a great online shopping experience with us anytime.

1Deebrand will give you access to designer luxury clothing, Fragrances and Beauty products  on a discount basis.



Each of our products are 100% authentic and comes directly from the brand. We do not deal with imitation. If you are not satisfy with your product, please feel free to return and we will refund you



We take care of each product from the moment it arrives in our warehouse, to the moment it is prepared and shipped.



Each single item is inspected to ensure the integrity of the product.



 Item is ship next business day and gets to customers 3-7 days



 We ship internationally to selected Countries 

Email us 1deebrand.info

Phone No: 1-203-545-3263