3 Colors Jelly Flower Lipstick Temperature Color Changing Lip Gloss Balm Moisturizing Nonstick Makeup


$ 115.69
1. 3 different colors offer you lip makeup choices.
2. Nonstick cup and no fade, beautiful all day.
3. Jelly lipstick gives your lips a full and sensuous apperance.
4. Avoid accelerated aging lips, resulting in dull, fine lines phenomenon.
5. Colors change with temperature, show your personal style.
6. Contain plant ingredients, nourishing and moisturizing your lip, create three-dimensional lips effect.
7. Exquisite appearance with flower inside, ideal gift to friends, lover and coworkers.
Type: Flower Jelly Lipstick
Weight: App 31g
Color/ Scent: 01: Lemon, 02: Grape, 03: Peach
Ingredient: Beeswax, Fish Oil, Avocado Essence, Daisy Essence, Aloe Essence, etc.